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  •   OK.  So I've eaten here twice now.  Here's the deal.  The first time my girl and I ate there, (take-out, really), we stuffed our faces, went to bed and I woke up craving it the next morning.  I was that darn good.  Then the day after that I went there for take-out but they are closed on Tuesdays. Yeah, I'm hooked. So the 2nd time we ate was yesterday and as I write this I'm re-heating left overs and hunkering down to football.  Equally as freaking delicious.  The Flame Wings are a must.  The curry shrimp, mandatory.  The vegetable byhrani (my lady is vegetarian) is the way to go for rice, but I personally want to try the lamb.  The house signature shrimp, delicious.  The saag paneer, great.  The fried veggie appetizer was a stupid decision on my part for take-out for obvious reasons.  Fried food and travel, no bueno.  And the folks that work there couldn't be any nicer.  They really do treat you like a great friend.  So put that all together and you got a restaurant you need to eat at.  That said, I'm a dang carnivore so my next visit will be when my lady is out of town and I'm looking for the meat sweats.  Bravo, Bombay Flame.  We're choosy eaters.  You made us very happy.  See you very soon.

    thumb D J.

      Incredible restaurant with beautiful decor. The food presentation is off the charts special. Innovative dishes and very pleasing to any palate. I tried a number of dishes and was beyond impressed. An absolute must-go
    Amazing customer service.
    Authentic Indian food. This reminded me back home

    thumb Fahad K.

      The staff make you feel like family. I decided to ask them some questions on Facebook before coming in, and they were able to recognize me. I came in for dinner time and everyone was very friendly. They serve complimentary papadam, onion and mint chutney. It was fresh and aromatic and the chutney paired with it perfectly.

    For appetizer, I had the onion bread. The (naan) was so fresh and soft, along with the spicy cilantro yogurt dipping sauce. I couldn't stop eating it, and for $4, you get six pieces.

    For entree, I had the chicken c...(?) (chicken with spicy black peppercorn and coconut.) The entree took 30 minutes but I'm happy I waited that long. It tasted like going to my Indian friends house and having their mother cook me a fresh meal.

    I need to come back again, and next time try out their lunch buffet. I hope that the food in the buffet is as fresh as the food I had tonight.

    thumb Christine W.
  •   This place opened less than two months ago. Had the rack of lamb cooked rare and it was so tender and plentiful. These guys do it right. Once word gets out people are going to come from miles around for this puppy! I've been going on Yelp for years reading reviews. This is the first time I've entered a review

    thumb Chris V.

      A long-time fan of Sub-Continental fare, Bombay Flame is excellent across the board!
    From Kerala State in southern India, our hosts were a delight! They welcomed us, chatted with us, served us without any pressure and prompted a generous tip!
    Food! We loved the lunch buffet. The food was fresh, spiced perfectly (New Englanders need not fear it too hot!), and delicious. Highlights: 1) spinach pakoras, which were light as a feather and crispy 2) lamb korma ( an uncommon treat) 3) Boneless chicken in a delicate red curry 4)Condiments were varied and plentiful- standard mint, tamarind and onion/tomato chutneys, but also coconut chutney and a lovely cucumber yoghurt raita. 5) Piping hot nan bread is delivered to the table to accompany your feast! A $9.95 bargain.
    Ambience is pleasant. TVs depict lovely scenes. No Bollywood songs- music was a subdued instrumental soundtrack.

    thumb John M.

      I really like Bombay Flame. It's new and I think they still need to figure out how to handle busy times because on a Friday or Saturday night the place is packed, and service gets a bit overwhelmed.

    The food is very good and there are some unusual dishes that aren't on every other Indian restaurant's menu in the state. They'll even make dishes that aren't on the menu, like chicken korma, for example.

    I've eaten in and gotten takeout a few times and the food is consistently good. Portions are generous and spice levels can be changed as desired.

    The wait staff is helpful and friendly. Overall, a great new addition to the restaurants in town.

    thumb Dave L.

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  • 5 star review  Do yourself a HUGE favor and visit Bombay Flame. The food is absolutely amazing. Fresh made to order and healthy eating. You feel a sense of comfort after eating there. Also try the homemade ice cream which I can promise you is like no other ice cream you have ever tasted. We will be going back frequently. And the staff is wonderful !

    thumb Katie Trebisacci

    positive review  We went for the lunch buffet. It was delicious. Everything was fresh and so good! Friendly service and great prices!

    thumb Rachel Lessne

    positive review  Very delicious Indian food with lots of “uncommon” options. Wonderful presentation.

    thumb Julia Anne Malichi Slom
  • positive review  Great food ! My wife was raving about how fresh, healthy, and tasty the food was.

    thumb Sumeet Sant

    positive review  excellent food...we will definitely come back.

    thumb Ranjith Ravindran

    positive review  Great menu! Delicious food!

    thumb Lisa Schipritt

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  • 5 star review  Went with a buddy for dinner. Everything was delicious. Strongly recommend the Lamb Pepper Fry and the Chicken vindaloo. 5/5

    thumb Greg Enos

    5 star review  The food is delicious. Highly recommend, they have a diverse menu with vegan and vegetarian dishes and gluten free.

    thumb haley b

    5 star review  Yesterday we try buffet and that was excellent. Today we going on dinner. WE CAN NOT WAIT!!! GREAT SERVICE AND GREAT FOOD!

    thumb LUKA
  • 5 star review  Great indian food! Had so many flavorful options in the buffet! Great to have this Indian Restaurant in this area. Must try!

    thumb Olivia

    5 star review  First time here to this restaurant and by far one of the best Indian food restaurants I have been to. I definitely will be returning.

    thumb Deepu Rajan

    5 star review  I/we like this place. Food is very good with a number of tasty vegan/vegetarian options. They serve the usual lineup of Indian dishes plus a number of unique surprises. Waitstaff was very attentive, though also a bit discombobulated, but it's still rather new and they were definitely trying. Only negative is the space. It was once a chinese restaurant, and not a very good one at that, and before that it was probably some sort of fast foodish/casual chain restaurant, because it has that flow/feel to it. Not terribly comfortable but clean and well lit. I think we'll order out more than dine in because of that, but the food and folks working there are all great and have earned many return visits! Very happy to see more diverse food options in South County.

    thumb Brian Bigda